Canada Operator Card

Sailing and Power Boating Instructors Wanted

Sailing instructor and power boat instructor opportunities to teach ISPA program internationally. If you have instructor experience with a recognized sailing or power boating organization, or a strong teaching and boating resume you could qualify to offer the ISPA program.


Instructor Qualification Requirements.
    1. Be not less than 18 years of age; hold a valid operator card
    2. Have successfully completed a basic standard or marine first aid course (including CPR) and hold a valid certificate issued by the St. John Ambulance Association or an equivalent body;
    3. Possess good general knowledge of safety, emergency procedures, and of the hazards associated with a recreational boating training operation; and
    4. If operating a motorized vessel, have basic knowledge of engine repair.

International Sail & Power Academy Inc requirements:

    1. Compete the FORM and provide the application fee.
    2. Provide evidence of previous or current instructor certification with a Recreational Boating/Training Organization e.g. NOLS, CYA, RYA, US SAIL, ASA, and Canadian and US Power Squadrons, 60 or 100 ton liscense.
    3. Provide evidence of previous instructor/teaching experience and sailing or power boating experience.
      1. Complete the Manuals Assessments up to the levels you wish to teach
      2. Pay for and pass the online student exams up to the levels you wish to teach.
      3. Complete application and provide the Instructor fee (annual)

Option 1– A previously certified instructor with International Sail & Power Association , NOLS, RYA, Sail Canada etc.

Option 2 – If not a previously certified instructor with any Organization 

International Sail & Power Academy Inc ISPA Registered Instructor wallet cards
will be issued when qualified.