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Over the last 25 years our founders and our business has relied on our core values and philosophies to guide us through many challenges and adverse situations.  During this global pandemic we are reminded again to rely on our knowledge, logic and experiences to remain safe whether on land or on the water.  We hope you are all staying safe and remain so.  We know we cannot be your source of news and keep you up to date with all the latest developments but we would like to be a source of positive thoughts and encouragement.  We send our love and well wishes to everyone around the world.

We feel that boating, even now, is a great way to stay safe from the pandemic.  We are confident that our ISPA students and instructors are well equipped with the skills and resourcefulness needed to do the best possible during these challenging times.  We must however add greater diligence in hygiene practices beyond our normal high standards and social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.  We also know not everyone will be able to avoid the virus and to those people in our community and around the world please know our hearts and thoughts go out to you.  We wish we could help everyone out there and will do what we can.  Of course, we are all challenged to take care of our families, friends and neighbors. 

We know that older individuals and people with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to do their best to protect all of these people in addition to yourselves.  Socially distance yourself but do not isolate the vulnerable.  Instead safely ensure they have the emotional and physical support they need to survive.  By staying strong, positive and optimistic we can face this situation now and then reconnect once this pandemic has passed.

Due to the pandemic, we are pausing our office and administrative operations to ensure the safety of our staff.  

We are still available by email.   

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ISPA is proud to be engaged in constructive partnerships with international regulatory authorities such as: Transport Canada, the Bahamas Maritime Authority, the Government of Queensland, the Government of Croatia and Sail Training International.
These affiliations lend credibility to our role as leaders in Teaching the Safe and Skillful Handling of Pleasure Craft.