About Us

Who Are We?

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaInternational Sail and Power Academy Inc. (ISPA) has, since 1994, provided a comprehensive, internationally recognized range of Pleasure Craft Operator Certificates of Competency for Sail and Power craft starting at Competent Crew and progressing by increments to Yachtmaster Ocean. 

ISPA Instructor courses start at Day Skipper Instructor and culminate at Instructor Evaluator, Ocean. 

The ISPA Training Program is presented in a flexible, modular course format that emphasizes a hands-on approach that encourages you to learn at your own pace. Each course has a shore-based and an on-the-water practical component. 

ISPA International Certificates of Competency are internationally recognized to fulfill the requirements for bare-boat charter and are ideal for people who want to pursue careers in the Pleasure Craft Industry or for those who simply want to live the dream and adventure on their own boats. ​

The International Sail and Power Academy is not affiliated with the International Sail and Power Association, also known as the ISPAssociation/Canadian Recreational Yachting Association (CRYA)