ISPA Certificate of Competency Sail

Canadian PCOC - ISPA

ISPA Certificate of Competency Sail

ISPA’s Sail training system aims to provide the shortest steps to mastering internationally recognized sailing techniques and boating safety.
Our training system starts with ISPA’s Competent Crew Sail for complete beginners and progresses through to advanced Yacht-Master for those who want to become full-fledged open sea sailors

ISPA Competecy Power - ISPA

ISPA Certificate of Competency Power

​In recent years, popularity of power bareboat charters has increased rapidly around the world.

ISPA power boating certificates are recognized as national licenses in Canada and major cruising waters around the world.

ISPA’s certificates are recognized as an alternatives to national licenses in Canada, Croatia, Australia (Queensland), Germany, and the Bahamas (as of December 2019). This list continues to grow.