Instructor List

2020 Registered ISPA Certified Instructors:

ISPA Certified Instructor Evaluator:

Mr. Robert Sendoh (Sail: Yachtmaster Ocean – Power: Yachtmaster Ocean – Tallship: Competent Crew) 

Mr. John Garfitt (Sail: Yachtmaster Ocean – Power: Yachtmaster Offshore)

Ms. Nancy Erley (Sail: Yachtmaster Ocean – Power: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. James Miller (Sail: Coastal Skipper – Power: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. Gregory Heroux (Sail: Yachtmaster Offshore – Power: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. Graham Evans (Sail: Yachtmaster Offshore – Power: Yachtmaster Offshore)

Ms. Kelly Moloney (Sail: Yachtmaster Offshore – Power: Yachtmaster Offshore)

Mr. William Boyce (Sail: Yachtmaster Ocean – Power: Coastal Skipper)


ISPA Certified Instructor:

Ms. Sayaka Kurosaki (Sail: Day Skipper – Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Sandy Yu (Sail: Day Skipper – Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Darren Moloney (Sail: Yachtmaster Offshore) 

Mr. Clive Sands (Power: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Tarek Hassan (Power: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Matthew Debicki (Sail: Coastal Skipper – Power: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Timothy Radul (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Phillip Foster (Sail: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. Marin Lisic (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Toni Busic (Sail: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. Paul Kantor (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Ms. Lorraine Willgress (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Johan Viljoen (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Robin Rose (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. Brian Robinson (Sail: Coastal Skipper) 

Mr. James Parkin (Sail: Coastal Skipper)

Ms. Carolyn Ace Spragg (Sail: Yachtmaster Offshore)

Mr. Gozo Okada (Sail: Coastal Skipper – Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Mitsuru Imada (Sail: Day Skipper – Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Tatsuo Yamamoto (Sail: Day Skipper – Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Keiji Kameyama (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Yoshimasa Nakata (Power: Day Skipper)

Mr. Kazuyoshi Nakao (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Tatsuya Honda (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Mamoru Tomozane (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Yosuke Oshima (Sail: Coastal Skipper)

Mr. Tetsuo Negishi (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Sadaharu Sato (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Toshichika Tanaka (Sail: Day Skipper)

Ms. Satomi Kano (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Hiroki Mishina (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Ichiro Zama (Sail: Day Skipper)

Mr. Nobuhiro Kajinami (Sail: Day Skipper)

Ms. Eri Tabata (Tallship: Competent Crew)

Mr. Takashi Nishikawa (Sail: Day Skipper)


*​Only those Instructors who gave permission for their name and instruction level to be published are listed on this page*

2020 ISPA PCOC Instructor/Agent:


Mr. Ronald Van Amsterdam

Mr. Paul Kantor
Sinbad Sailing

Mr. Gary Walsh

British Columbia:

Mr. William Boyce
Barnacle Bill Yachting Services

Mr. John Fairweather

Mr. Robin Rose

Ms. Janice Kyle
Sail Bella Coola

Mr. Phillip Foster
Westcoast Adventure College

Mr. Sandy Yu


Mr. James Miller
Sea School Newfoundland

Mr. Johnathan Feldgajer

Mr. Matthew Debicki
Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club

Ms. Germain Benuen​