Instructors Requirement

ISPA Certified Instructor Clinic / Upgrade

Instructor Candidate must hold up to:

  1. ISPA Coastal Skipper Bareboat Certificate of Competence Sail / Power
  2. ISPA Coastal Navigator Certificate of Competence

Instructor Clinic with an IE:

  1. Pass the Methods of Instruction Endorsement (conducted by IE)
  2. Pass both the practical and the workbook theory test with a minimum 90% score.
  3. Complete a single-handed practical sailing test including use of a hand-held compass and chart work.

Instructors From Other Organization

Sail and Power boat instructors from other recognized organizations who wish to become ISPA Certified Instructors must have achieved all of the following criteria and will also be subject to a one year apprenticeship.

  1. Candidates must meet the requirements and have proof of certification at the level they wish to be certified. (Minimum Coastal Skipper Bareboat Certificate or equivalent)
  2. Must have completed and be in possession of ISPA workbook/manuals up to and including the level at which they seek to be certified.
  3. Pass the workbook theory test with a minimum 90% score.
  4. Hold a current VHF operator license
  5. Hold a Standard Fist Aid and CPR Certificate
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