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ISPA International Certificate of Competency Program

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ISPA International Certificate of Competency Sail

ISPA’s Sail training system aims to provide the shortest steps to mastering internationally recognized sailing techniques and boating safety.

Our training system starts with ISPA’s Competent Crew Sail for complete beginners and progresses through to advanced Yacht-Master for those who want to become full-fledged open sea sailors. 

ISPA International Certificate of Competency Power

In recent years, popularity of power bareboat charters has increased rapidly around the world.

ISPA power boating certificates are recognized as national licenses in Canada and major cruising waters around the world.

ISPA’s certificates are recognized as an alternatives to national licenses in Canada, Croatia, Australia (Queensland), Germany, and the Bahamas (as of December 2019). This list continues to grow.


ISPA’s Young Mariner’s Programs focus on given youth a chance to be part of a team, learn leadership skills, become more self-confident and increase environmental awareness. History has proven that sail training is an excellent way to train talented and confident leaders.

Our future society will be determined by today’s youth. One of the biggest factors in building a peaceful and stable society depends on whether or not society can train excellent leaders. ISPA hopes that our Young Mariner’s Programs can play a meaningful part in helping to shape our youth.

ISPA develops and operates the Young Mariners Program as a social contribution program that runs both Tall Ship and Keelboat courses for youth.

ISPA Yachtmaster Certificate

​ISPA Yachtmaster Certificates of Competence are awarded to candidates who have demonstrated skills, training, experience and competence to safely venture on the high seas as the skipper of a sail or power vessel of more than 12 meters (39 ft) overall length.

ISPA Yachtmaster Certification is as much about leadership, situational awareness, decision making, resourcefulness, passage planning and vessel preparedness as it is about sailing. Your in-depth understanding of meteorology, electronic navigation, first aid and vessel systems and maintenance is presumed.