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Using the ISPA Name and Logo

Please Read – Important Information

ISPA owns registered and unregistered product names, trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, and logos (the “Marks”) in Canada, the United States, and in other countries.

As an ISPA certified school or instructor in good standing you are permitted to use the ISPA logo or name in your company’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the marketing and resale of ISPA products and services. However, any use of the ISPA logo or name must be carried out in accordance with the rules specified in this document and pursuant to the restrictions and limitations in the ISPA Logo and Name Use Agreement. The following restrictions apply to any use of the ISPA logo and name:

  • The ISPA logo may NOT be used on business cards, badges, clothing, hats or any type of apparel, or physical displays, or any object or product typically used in connection with company identification unless specifically approved in writing by ISPA.
  • The ISPA name shall NOT be used (a) in any automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or pre-recorded voice advertising or solicitation effort, (b) in any telephone solicitation (automatic or in person) to any business, residence, person or telephone number that is registered on a do not call list, or to any wireless telephone number that you are restricted from calling by applicable law.  Your use of ISPA’s name in any form for any telephonic, SMS, email, facsimile or other telemarketing campaign shall be in accordance with applicable law, with which you are obligated to identify and confirm full compliance. You must keep accurate records of all contact transmissions and compliance. To the extent you purchase contact lists from a third party, you are required to verify that your use of the contact lists comply with applicable law. You shall make all records available to ISPA or its designee upon request. You, and not ISPA, are solely responsible for ensuring that your contact practices are in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • No person associated or affiliated with you or your organization may make any representation, whether verbal, written or otherwise, that they are an ISPA employee or are an agent of ISPA or that your company has any official association or affiliation with ISPA other than as a certified school or instructor. Neither the ISPA name nor logo may be used in any manner that would imply or leave the impression that anyone associated or affiliated with your company is an employee or an agent of ISPA. The ISPA logo or name may not be used in any manner that would be likely to confuse any third party as to the nature of your affiliation with ISPA, which at all times is that of an independent school or instructor. You shall clearly state and display the name of your business and provide appropriate contact information in any medium where you use the ISPA name or logo.
  • The ISPA name and logo shall not be used in any manner that violates applicable laws.
  • The ISPA logo and name shall only be used with the words “Certified Sailing School”, “Certified Boating School”, or  “Certified Instructor” and may never be used standing alone, or in any URL, internet domain name, telephone caller identification or email address.

ISPA Logo Graphic Usage Requirements

Following the instructions below, you may register online to use the ISPA logo. By agreeing to the terms and conditions and downloading the graphic file of the logo, you will be able to utilize the ISPA logo in your sales and marketing materials if you comply with the usage requirements outlined in this document. Please use the original versions of the logo ONLY.  Do not alter the logo in any way, combine it with other graphic elements, add a drop shadow, or place it on a patterned background.

We have two logo types which are available for your use under the terms of this policy. However, please note that each has minimum size and margin requirements.

You may choose either of the two logos along with the prescribed text appropriate for your certification.

The Logo A must never appear smaller than 210 pixels horizontally for digital usage or 38.1mm (1.5 inches) for print.

The Logo B must never appear smaller than 140 pixels horizontally for digital usage or 25.4mm (1.0 inches) for print.

Required Logo Margin

The colour for the ISPA logo elements is listed in the following table. Use only the corresponding colours for print and web based applications. The logo may not be used when accurate colour representation is not possible. You may not print this in black and white or grey tone.

Colour Sample ISPA Colour Name Colour for Web Colour for Print
ISPA Blue (Pantone 298c) HEX/HTML 41B6E6 ISPA Blue HEX/HTML 41B6E6 Pantone 298c
ISPA Green (Pantone 349c) HEX/HTML 046A38 ISPA Green HEX/HTML 046A38 Pantone 349c
ISPA Grey (Pantone 427c) HEX/HTML D0D3D4 ISPA Grey HEX/HTML D0D3D4 Pantone 427c

In body copy or text, do not use the ISPA logo. Portray the word ISPA in the same font as your body copy/text.

When the ISPA logo is to be represented with another dealer/partner or business logo, the ISPA logo must remain separate without overlap or distortion.

To register for the use of the ISPA logo and to receive authorization and artwork to proceed, please link to the following URL and click through the very simple and easy instructions: https://www.ispa.com/logo-agreement/ 

If you have questions or need further information email us at admin@ispa.com.