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Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

International Sail and Power Academy Inc., (ISPA) is Accredited by Transport Canada to provide the Pleasure Craft  Operator Card course and Boating Safety Test through its ISPA PCOC instructors and affiliated schools.
In Canada, if you operate a boat with a motor and use it for recreation, you need proof of competency — something that shows you have a basic understanding of how to operate your boat safely and know what to do in an emergency. 

Proof of competency is required with all motor types (including electric trolling motors) and even when the motor is not in use, such as when sailing.

ISPA PCOC Instructor

You can take the Pleasure Craft Operator Card test with ISPA by using the ISPA PCOC Instructor of your choice.

Contact any of our ISPA PCOC ​Instructors, listed by province, OR, any of our Registered Schools or ISPA Certified Instructors!

Are You Exempt?

Automatic PCOC Qualification

ISPA is authorized by Transport Canada to issue a PCOC to anyone who holds ISPA Day Skipper certification. If you hold the ISPA Day Skipper certification you are automatically qualified for a PCOC – no further testing is required. Your Day Skipper certification must be registered with ISPA (see “Register a Certificate” from your Dashboard”).

To receive a PCOC under this automatic qualification you simply need to order a card from ISPA using the link below.

Marine Certification

If you are the holder of a marine certificate recognized by Transport Canada, you can carry your certificate (or a copy is acceptable) on board as proof of competency.

​If the marine certificate is not issued by Transport Canada and the holder still wishes to obtain his PCOC he will be required to pass the Transport Canada official test.

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