ISPA Offshore Master


ISPA International Certificate of Competence: 
ISPA Offshore Master Certificate of Competence (OFM)
Sail or Power

When registered with International Sail and Power Academy Inc., certifies the skipper and navigator competent to operate:
Boats used for private purposes, bareboat chartered boats, yachts used for private purposes up to 100 GT, bareboat chartered yachts up to 100 GT, without restriction on the area of navigation, under the condition of holding an appropriate national or foreign radio license if there is a radio-telephone VHF station or a GMDSS-VHF station on the boat or yacht and within 150 miles of the coastline, where navigational and weather hazards exist, in any conditions, at any time, day or night
(Sail or Power)

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  • ISPA Offshore Master Certificate of Competence Registration Card (Sail or Power)
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