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Young Mariners / Tall Ship

2023 Upcoming Events

Dates Location Contact
June 9 - 11
Bay of Nanao, Noto
July 25 - 30
Yokohama / Shimizu
July 31 - August 7
South Passage / Queensland

For more information, please email info@ispa.jp

Young Mariners Program

Young Mariners

The ISPA Young Mariner Program’s fundamental philosophy is to identify and train future leaders who are cognizant of their responsibility towards the planet’s future. The program has two key objectives, which include identifying and training candidates for future leadership roles and fostering an international voluntary friendship network among young participants. By doing so, the program aims to contribute to the world’s future. The history of sail training demonstrates that it is an effective means of nurturing leadership traits.

The program consists of the following elements

A) Performance Objective

Sail Training, ISPA Tallship Certificate or ISPA Sail Certificate

B) Motivational Objective

During the sail training, participants and instructors will discuss the future of the earth and human society, as well as other themes determined by the course organizers, in order to develop an awareness of the need to take the initiative in creating a prosperous future society.

To facilitate the conversation, Buckminster Fuller’s “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” has been designated as the recommended reading. Participants in this program should read this book prior to attending the course. The program’s objective is to create a nautical environment akin to a simulated “Spaceship Earth” to encourage mutual understanding beyond national and cultural boundaries and collaborate towards a better world.

It is anticipated that the course will be hosted or sponsored by a variety of organizations. For example, if a program is sponsored by or in cooperation with an NGO working to prevent marine pollution, a discussion of marine pollution could be included in the Motivational Objective.

For further information, please contact ISPA.

Future Leaders Through ISPA Sail Training

ISPA’s Young Mariners Programs provide youth with the opportunity to be part of a team, learn leadership skills, increase self-confidence, and gain environmental awareness. Sail training has a proven track record of producing talented and confident leaders.

The future of our society lies in the hands of today’s youth, and one of the most important factors in building a peaceful and stable society is the ability to train exceptional leaders. ISPA aims to play a meaningful role in shaping our youth through our Young Mariners Programs.

As a social contribution program, ISPA develops and operates Tall Ship and Keelboat courses for youth in the Young Mariners Program. The program provides future leaders with an environment to develop self-awareness and take personal responsibility for the future of our planet.

Participants face real-life challenges, requiring them to take a broad viewpoint and play an essential role in manoeuvring the boat. Additionally, they must develop clear communication skills and engage with people from diverse countries and socioeconomic backgrounds. The program is designed to equip tomorrow’s leaders with the essential skills to make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

Originally established in 2004 and reintroduced in 2017, the Young Mariners Program partnered with South Passage (Queensland Sail Training Association) and has gained worldwide recognition. In 2016, ISPA Japan was awarded official membership from Sail Training International (STI), a UK-based Nobel Peace Prize nominee, through this program.

Never forget that you are one of a kind.
Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.
And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world.
In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about.

So be that one person.

ISPA International Certificate of Competency Tall Ship

ISPA Tall Ship Novice Crew:

When registered with ISPA, the holder is certified as a crew of Schooner Type ship under the command of ship officer.

ISPA Tall Ship Competent Crew:
When registered with ISPA, the holder is certified as a crew of any Type of Tall Ship under the command of ship officer.


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